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Topic Department Phone
Athletic Events, Sports' Schedules, etc. Ms. Giovannitti/Mr. Giovannitti 2271
Billingsport General Questions Mrs. Hoehn 5201
Billingsport Illness, Injuries, Report an Absense Ms. Esters 5203
Billingsport Principal Mrs. Tolbert 5201
Board of Education Mrs. Kappra 1218
Business Administrator Ms. Johnson 1219
Director of Curriculum Mr. Bracciante 1236
Director of Food Services Mr. Carbo 2229
Director of Special Services Mr. Bracciante 1245
High School Clerk & Website Administrator Mr. Thomas 2214
Jr./Sr. High School General Questions Ms. Giovannitti 3211
Jr./Sr. High School Guidance Mrs. Montemore 2215
Jr./Sr. High School Illness, Injuries, Physicals, etc. Mrs. Mervine 2230
Jr./Sr. High School Report an Absence, Sign-in, Sign-out, etc. Mrs. Cucinotta 2241
Jr./Sr. High School Schedules, Scholarships, Report Bullying, etc. Mrs. Montemore 2215
Jr./Sr. High School Vice-Principal Grades 7-12 Mr. Pandolfo 2241
Junior High Principal Mr. Giovannitti 3254
Loudenslager General Questions, Report an Absense Mrs. Phillips 4201
Loudenslager Illness, Injuries, etc. Ms. Hadfield 4203
Loudenslager Library Mrs. Minix 4210
Loudenslager Principal Mr. Browne 4201
Loudenslager School Psychologist Ms. Bradbury 4208
Loudenslager Speech Teacher 4207
Payroll/Benefits Secretary Mrs. Capasso 1221
School of Choice Mr. Bracciante 1236
Secretary of Curriculum and Assessment Ms. Croce 1236
Secretary to Special Services Ms. Abbott 1245
Senior High School Principal Grades 9-12 Mr. Morina 2214
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bandlow 1218
Supervisor of Support Staff Mr. Henderson 1231
Supervisor of Technology Mr. Gibson 2246
Supervisor of Transportation Mrs. Polimeni 1259
Title One Information Dr. Pollino 1236
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